Why Solo Queue is needed

Hello everyone, In this topic I hope to share my thoughts on why solo queue is needed in my case, and probably people will understand / be in the same situation. League has always been a great game for me. Played it with friends, played it solo. However with the introduction of the new Dynamic Queue lots of the fun has been taken away from me. I was a midlaner for my team. We are just 5 real life friends trying to have a great time playing league. In season 5 our ranks ranged from gold V to diamond 4. After the 10 placements, 2 of my team were placed in silver. I was placed in plat 4. This made it impossible for us to play dynamic queue together. I am having a hard time trying to stay in platinum, since I haven't met any enemy team that made my lane "hard" for me. I'm managing to stay around plat 2 for now though. I'm terribly scared to promote to diamond, thus removing my chance to play with gold-rated players. During the start of the season, when we actually managed to play as 4 ( since 1 is still in silver) I realised my skill-level was dropped so hard that I suddenly had problems even outfarming my opponents, something that hardly ever occured before. This was because I didn't play much at all, being scared to lose the possibility to play with my team. I tried to get my normal style of playing back, which worked. I cannot "troll" to lose mmr/elo since I'll be banned for sure from playing ranked queue / chats etc. This occured to me at the end of season 4. I've tried looking for help at the riot support page, but all I got was an automated e-mail saying that a rank of a player cannot be adjusted because otherwise the system could get corrupted. My final resort to keep my fun in league of legends is solo queue. I love to play this game just to know I'm better than my opponent (I know I really sound like a douchebag, but that's what makes a game fun for me). Challenging lanes are something that wakes something up deep inside of me, which makes me "tryhard" to just have the upper hand. And I love doing this. Please do not wait too long to implement solo queue. Dynamic queue isn't bad at all, but it limits a ton of players to do what they want to do. If you made it this far, thanks for reading and I'm looking forward to your opinions. Balou
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