unrealistic jungle expectations

ok, guys. i am aware of the fact, that "blame th jungler" thing existed even before i have started playing LoL. This time, however, i have experienced the more comical side of this issue. It was a very good game for me. i got lots and lots of momentum from ganking. accelerated my exp and gold by pushing lanes after each successful gank. Basically a dream. and at some point, i see this is in the chat, i am not even kidding you: **"FINALLY A NORMAL JUNGLER"** Normal. At the point it was said i was 9/0/2, pushed down 2 turrets got, a drake, farmed AF and 2 levels abovy EVERYONE ELSE in the game. THIS shows how bloody ridiculous are expectations. If you boarderline solocarry and win the game for your team, this makes you a NORMAL jungler. Hooooooooly shit.
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