Sick and tired of league

Im so sick and tired of this game. I have played since early season 2, and since season 6 i've been taking it seriously. I used to only play normal games now i only play rankeds. I have seen my behavior towards other players gone to shit and i have seen the players around me be so extremely toxic it's unbelivable. I was bronze, i got up to gold in 2 weeks during that time the players got worse by each rank. When i hit gold i thought this was normal and platinum whould be the best because they are almost diamond right. Boy was i wrong, cuz once i hit play i realized they are the most ego centered douchebags i have ever witnessed. In champion select you can't communicate with them, in game if you do 1 mistake that anyone whould have done if they were in the same shoes they will not forget about it. In fact they whould constantly harrass you for it for the remeinder of the game. Then there is the infamous question mark spam ping, this is truely the new cancer on league. They use it like little kids. They will spam ping you for everything you do and if you tell them to stop they will spam ping you for the entire game. And the worst part is you can't mute pings, which yes i do get it it's a great way to communicate however it's just awful now to see what is happening to pings. After game they will tell everyone to report this person and that person, and i won't say anything cause this is just way to childish to act and this is EVERY GAME. And the fact that they know that arguing dosen't do anything is just so dumb that they just continue doing it until one leaves, and with this new launcher it's really hard to block people. Now the community used to be pretty good until around season 4. I thought in a few years it whould get better but it just kept growing and growing until what it is today. And i don't see a way anymore on how it will stop. I have tried quitting this game so many times but i always find a way to come back. now i only play once a month to not lose my hard worked rank. Like i truely love this game, as it was my childhood and i have made so many long lasting friends on it and all rioters are great at their job. It's just so sad seeing how much cancer it has turned into. And im thinking about leaving this game forever but i really don't want to. Is there any way to fix this problem for me or should i just pack my bags and leave? P.S: I know it's a part rant part sob story but this is all from my experience. I apoligize for any shitty grammar as im just so upset currently i can't focus. Thank you for reading, hope you have a great day ^_^
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