Stop matchmaking unranked players/0 wins with Gold players.

I've literally just had a game where our Jax top with ignite LOST, and was supposedly Champion Mastery 5 with Jax. He fed 3/11, and had 21 CS at the end of a 25 minute game. I'm sorry Riot but that is unacceptable, how do you matchmake players like this with players IN RANKED who are Gold with 200+ wins. Post-game screen only to find out HE HAS NO WINS IN RANKED,. Then, I CHECK HIS MATCH HISTORY AND THAT GAME WE JUST PLAYED IS THE ONLY ONE LISTED ON HIS MATCH HISTORY? It's actually ridiculous, this is one of the several reasons people flame. Sort out the match making system. JFC. He isn't even Silver or Gold and he's put to play with other Silver/Golds. edit: Not to mention he didn't say a word all game, only pinged for help a couple times.
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