I am on a verge of breaking something because of 3 champions

I present to you the Cancerous Trio! {{champion:18}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:75}} Please tell me how do I play against them... Nasus is easy early, but mid game he just cant be stopped at farming, you get him low, he qs a minion and gets full again. You can camp him with jungler but that wont always work. And late game hes a tank that oneshots everyone. How is that fair? Twitch can literaly auto an entire team and appear out of nowhere, that is so frustrating. Also every enemy twitch seems to get fed every time. Tristana? Is there anything this champion doesnt have in her kit??? I mean besides tankyness, cause, you know, shes an adc. Why is she allowed to have range, early damage, mid damage, late hyper carry, attack speed buff, +100 atk speed too, a dash (that resets btw) that lets her escape and engadge and reposition, e that bursts like hell early and hits hard late, + lets her push towers with ease, and an ult that bursts early and is definatly the best self peel ability in game besides old azir ult. + its a hard cc so she can cancel channels! Oh did I mention EVERYTHING ON HER IS POINT AND CLICK SO SHE CANT MISS ANYTHING? HOW IS THAT BALACED AND HOW DO YOU PLAY AgaInst IT
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