Another Fiora counter

So guys, today I've found 1 more Fiora counter. Maybe you remember me or not. But I'm the guy that says play Diana top vs Fiora if you want an easy win. Well, today I've found one more counter to Fiora. Sadly, its not as strong as Diana because pre6, you are vulnerable to dying a lot. And her name is: {{champion:84}} Why does Akali counter Fiora? 1) ultimate Fiora's ultimate puts 4 vital spots on her target for 8 seconds, allowing her to heal and do a large amount of true damage. Akali's W: Akali throws down a smoke cover which lasts for 8 seconds. While in that smoke cover, Akali becomes invisible. So, Fiora lv6 ultra power spike DOES NOT EXIST ANYMORE :3 Ofc, this can be countered by pink wards. However, here comes the beautiful part: - ON TOP LANE WE GOT 3 patches of grass to hide in. What does this mean? This means that EVEN IF Fiora buys a {{item:2043}} if you put your invisibility field properly, it will be in 2 brushes at once. That Vision ward will only grant Fiora vision in one of those. Meaning that you can just move to the other one with your increased movement speed AND NEGATE HER ULTIMATE. Next: Akali has a large amount of spell vamp. Meaning that in 1v1 trades on top lane, if Fiora jumps in your minion wave, even if she hits a vital. Q+aa will win you the trades because you will also heal from spell vamp. Its just beautiful. Oh btw, I don't know if you guys know, but a feed Akali is a nightmare to fight against. Because she is countered by Vision wards. But if you waste $ on wards you will never get to buy items to fight her. And if you buy items to fight her, she will have an easy escape (and tool to win all trades). Cons: The early game Fiora will get more farm. Your main goal is to start {{item:1029}} + {{item:2003}} and not feed Fiora till level 6. After that you will start to win :D Even in lane vs Fiora, unless the enemy jungler ganks Q+aa+ thunderlords proc will hurt Fiora more than she hurts you. Ofc you must be extra careful if she has ignite and you got tp. You can still poke her hp out with Qs, AA only if she comes in your minion range to Q you. And ofc, make sure to avoid getting vital hit. When you should bring TP instead of Ignite: If your bot lane is not a passive one. If your bot lane is {{champion:40}} {{champion:81}} , get ignite. If your bot lane is {{champion:89}} {{champion:15}} . Get TP, get feed on bot lane and SNOWBALL OUT OF CONTROL. That's what Akali does anyway ^^ That's it for today. So far 2 Fiora counters from me: {{champion:131}} and {{champion:84}} I wonder how many more heroes that troll Fiora are there.
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