Suggestion: People who jump to ranked as soon as they hit level 30

Ok. So as we all know. Many players who just hit level 30 would like to try out ranked, and that is perfectly fine, as it's their right to do so. But the problem here, lies on the matching system itself. For those of you who don't know how it works: -it starts you off with 1200mmr (silver III mmr), and with every victory, the mmr rises (about 40-50), and with every defeat, it goes down the same amount. (EX: should you win 6/10 placement, your final mmr will be around 1300 in the end and you theorically will get silver II). The system seems fine at first glance. But it's VERY flawed in my opinion. Mainly BECAUSE of how some new players might get lucky on some of these placement matches. especially with the reduced amount of XP needed to get lv 30 these days. So, you might be asking: so what if they got lucky? that shouldn't be a problem to you right? Wrong. Since by getting lucky and for example snatching 3wins out of the 10 placement matches (by either getting carried or luck), they'll get silver V or silver IV rating. Which is in many cases, an undeserved elo for them to be in (I'm not generalizing here). Ex: I've had once a game on a silver secondary account of mine. where a yasuo teamate of mine didn't have the basic knowledge that a mid silver player should have at this point (less than 80cs at 30min, didn't know he could follow on my ulti, I was orianna mid btw). And we lost the game pretty much because he got obliterated in lane. and the other lanes (aside from the jungler) did get ahead, but not enough to compensate. I'm not saying he's wrong here. Because he ISN'T, and it's not his fault. he IS a new player, playing at around 1250mmr. I checked his account and stats after that, and added him, the guy has barely around 130 normal game wins. NO RUNES (doesn't even know they exist) and had like 11/16/0 on masteries even though he was level 30, and had literally 0.07KDA on yasuo. Now on the VERY next game. I had an ennemy top laner shen. who ALSO had no runes. has low amount of normal wins. and got demolished in lane and we won because of it. So basically 2games I played which outcome has "almost" exclusively been determined by these new players. (almost because I know it's solo queue, anything could happen) Now weeks later have passed, the yasuo player I added is currently bronze IV, with 27% winrate on ranked. and ONLY NOW, he thinks his ranked games are becoming more "manageable" for him. So the problem here: he had to lose a LOT of ranked games in a row to drop from silver IV to his current division. And let me tell you this, 27% winrate is a VERY frustrating winrate to have in a game like league of legends. the other frustrating part would be to the amount of players who had to lose because of him, while he was dropping slowly to his current elo. I know this is a very delicate matter. And it's kinda hard to deal with, but I have a suggestion: - Make the normal games KDA (takedowns/games played) at least for the recent games actually matter, before queuing for ranked. (either that or the normal games mmr). I'm not saying you should stop them from going for it, but have the game display a message that it would not be recommended for them to start it. (because yes! jumping into a 1200mmr game when you're used to 700-800mmr can be quite overwhelming) -Make the game display a message that it's unrecommended to queue for ranked when they have more than X empty slots on their rune pages. same for masteries. I honestly cannot think of any way better to deal with this. Let me know what you guys think? and leave suggestions, maybe riot can use them to medicate this problem. Have a nice day.
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