Demons are way too oppressive in TFT

The state of the game in TFT is 100% broken at the moment. Either you get the God-comp from Hell and every item to go with it, or you lose to Demons. The only choice you have if you don't have an insane comp is to go Demons yourself, but then you'll still lose if you don't have the items to go with it. The Demon origin is way too oppresive in the game at the moment. The problem is, you can't balance it without nerfing it entirely into the ground. In my opinion, the Demon origin needs to be reworked from the ground up. It is not an origin that promotes a fun and interactive gameplay style. It does insane amounts of damage and shuts down every comp that is mana-dependent. It literally prevents the opponent from having any kind of fun in the game. Riot, please, just change this. You'll never balance this when it is so inherently broken and unfair.
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