I'd genuinely prefer Dominion back.

After having bad days in ranked, I used to fall back to dominion for some much needed fun. I found myself eventually to mostly play that game mode. It was fast paced and fun. I know some champions were a handful in that game mode but it was still fun most if not all of the time. You just made it work for you. I'm not a big fan of this rolling game mode as some of the game modes have been tweaked and changed to keep them fun but they are just annoying like the porro breathing fire and spitting projectiles. And then after a long time of begging for URF to come back, it was tweaked to an ARAM style champ select. So if one side ends up with mostly tanks and the other with damage dealers, it just took the fun away as matchmaking was left to the riot gods to decide. I genuinely miss Dominion as I found myself laughing and cheering to some of the crazy stuff people pull and nail biting last minute turn around which are a rare sight in SR. Dominion's toxicity was lower as not many took the mode seriously and it was a laid back and "go for the crazy stuff" feel. SR on the other hand, has pressure added to it, if you don't perform then you are a feeder/troll/booster etc. I'm not looking for pressure, I have enough of that at work and life in general. I'm almost 30 and looking to enjoy a game rather than get made to feel worthless by a keyboard warrior who finger bangs through keyboards every paycheck.

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