Assassins in TFT

Basically, the only way to defend the absurdly high burst damage on assassins in League is to point out to their high "skill cap". Indeed, assassins aren't easy to play at all, and some of them take hundreds of hours to master (Talon, Zed, Akali,). But, TFT is not a typical League game mode, and it doesn't necessarily mean that they must have the same amounts of damage as they do in SR. There is no high skill cap in TFT ffs!! Read that last sentence again rioters. So, instead of letting assassins ruin games for everyone (especially with the stupid placement you have to do just to avoid getting deleted in 2 seconds), just nerf them. Either the damage, or the cost. And I'm not saying nerf them to the ground, like you always do when nerfing something, just a small nerf, like increase the cost of some crucial assassins. Thank you.
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