keep this game mode up all the time

keep nexus blitz up all the time it's better than aram ... 1- fast game 8 to 15 min "8 min surr that is the coolest thing to find in the game in a game mode like that ... if you %%%%ed up and your team too ... just ff and go next " 2- you do what ever you like 3- you can pick your champ unlike aram and recall to buy 4- if you have ultimate skin the skin music will play instead of the game music " damn mf music is cool XD" 5- you can ban and before the game start you can see if you like to face them or dodge or even change your runs 6- and ya i feel it's better than urf too cuz in urf you can't play the champ you like to play "RIP old urf " too much to say but i fund this 6 things ... made me have fun in lol once more .. the chaos in it .. is soo %%%%ing lovely
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