Being held against your own will

Hey this discussion is about being held hostage in games. Let me start of by saying this post is not anything about hate, but an idea i thought of after things I've experienced in Ranked. As you all know league of legends is a MOBA game, where you play with 4 other players against 5 others simple. But since you are playing with 4 other human beings it can get hard or easy to win a game since not every player has the same personality or have the mechanics as yourself. This is what i experienced: One day i played a game of league. a long story short we had a top and jungle who lost their own lane while mid was winning, and i was playing adc we were losing bot slowly. before i continue i lost the game before this one, where we all lost lane and agreed to ff@15 which we did. So i asked my team if we could open or ff@15. My team didn't want to because they believed that we could win(3 of them were the positive players we all know that says we can win team no matter what). the enemy team had late scaling champions while our was mostly focused on the early. I didn't want to waste my time playing a lost game because why should i do so if i know there is no coming back so i waited in base. normally i don't go afk. but i'm a realist like if i can see there is no way we could win this game i'm not gonna bother playing. Look i have played games where i played from behind but all those games i knew we could win so i played them and of cause i didn't win all of those games , but i knew there was a chance. but now the way the game is i just think it is impossible to make a comeback from being behind. I felt being held hostage this game since no one wanted to open or ff. I did get punished btw i fully deserved it. My Idea I believe this would make league a lot better. 1. If you are being held hostage in game because your team means you can win . I think you should be able to quit the game and of cause you should get punished by losing lp no matter if your team wins or lose without you. But not getting banned because you as a player felt like that particularly game would be a waste of time, and it would be better just to move on to the next without waiting for the previous game to end. 2. Now that you have 4 players only there is 5 champions. make it so you can play as the champion like csgo it is a bot, but you can choose it and you will have the same runes as the player who first loaded into the game had. You can only make this chance when you have died as the champion you chose in champselect. 3. If you lose as 4 players anyways make it so you don't lose lp for those who remained in the game. (of cause you shouldn't get punished because one player didn't think you would win.) I used to be the player who believed that you could make a comeback most games back in season 4-7 the reason i came up with this idea is because i care for this game i've spent so many years to it. the reason i come up with that whole "waste of time" thing is because in now day time is everything and games like Fortnite and others are so fast pace games it kind of forced league to do something to their play time and we see this now like i remember back in season 5 games would average take like 40 minutes. now it is almost half. I would love to hear your opinions :)
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