THe rate at which i can afford new champions

Hi. I'm currently lvl 26 in lol. My account was crated sometime between the old and the new system for aquiring new champs bmeaning i for some reason didnt get the basicly free champions you get the first few levels. Right now i'm stuck in a place where i only have 13 champions at lvl 26(and those are the cheap ones) and the last 2 levels i havent gotten any blue essence. This randomness is a real problem for me as i'm not able to actually purchase more champions and by extension of that actually fill out some proper roles. I'm not trying to whine here but i seriously have a problem obtaining new champions EDIT: Ok so there is clearly something wrong with my account. I'm not even supposed to be getting champion capsules at this level but instead i should get the rewards posted in here: I should hit 27 tomorrow and i'l take a screenshot showing what i get compared to the 2 champ shards the site says
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