A Petition for better GAMEPLAY FOR ALL!

For years now, i have been playing this game. And it bothered me since pre-season 1 that this game has no option to disable the CHAT bar altogether! I mean i remember people having scripted the registry to have 0 CD on abilities and flashed all over the map. But the ability to disable chat altogether is missing! UPDATED: If it were that simple. "/mute all" mutes their chat, not their pings, not their emotes, you still need to do this every single game? For what? why should i have to do this all the time, just to avoid toxicity. What about the Lobby chat? You cannot mute anyone in the lobby. The toxicity already starts in the lobby, and how can you deal with that, can you tell me that? You don't have a proper answer to that do you. Because there is no option available to do so. People write the most disgusting things in the pre-game lobby. You cannot avoid that. Who is faster in-game? The one who has an insult on a macro, where he clicks one button? or the one who needs to go into chat and disable all possible ways of annoyance. It is not as simple as you might think it is. I love the game, don't get me wrong, those who wanted to say... then stop playing (or some other nonsensical response. But i mean it i love the GAME the Gameplay, i could not care less about the toxicity, so why do i have to deal with it? Don't give me a smart-ass answer like, then don't read chat non sense answer. I learned to read chat because it gave me some information of the game, but it's not worth it. You cannot delete the chat-log once it's established meaning that toxic comment stays there for as long as it is not removed by 100 other chat-log informations. Which usually takes around 15-20 min. Why is it beneficial? obviously you don't read what your toxic team has to say and flames you or each other... and removes the focus from your gameplay! as well as enemies trying to taunt you in all-chat. That's why i have disabled all-chat since season 1.
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