What to do when Mordekaiser ults you?

I'm genuinly interested, as so far I have been unable to survive Morde ult with any consistency things I tried: 1) being (far) ahead. Doesn't matter, morde just steals those stats and crams them right back into your face 2) ccing mordekaiser. His ult simply lasts too long to keep him at bay 3) playing a mobile champion. the ult fighing ring is too large to get a meaningful distance away from him 4) straght up killing the bastard. See 1: Morde steals your stats, which not only allows him to easily kick your butt, it also makes him incredibly tanky. 5) build mr. The dude has builtin magic pen. He still kicks your ass. EDIT: to stop people from answering, I have already gotten some pretty valid answers: 1) when playing a ranged champion, stay at a distance. His ult is fairly short range, so he cannot do anything if you kite properly. Of course you don't always get the opportunity to do this, but when you can, do. 2) when playing an adc, pick up {{item:3140}} or {{item:3139}} . They cancel his ult. (note: {{summoner:1}} DOES NOT WORK) 3) becoming cc-immune or unstoppable during the case of his ult will cancel it as well as put it on cooldown. This includes all spell shields, as well as abilities that make you unstoppable, such as sion ult, malphite ult, vi ult, warwick q, ornn w, etc etc etc (unstopabble is a status effect that prevents you from being cc'ed or interrupted). A list of these abilities cna be found on the wiki [here](https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/Crowd_control#Deferral). Look under the catgeories "deferrral" and "immunity". important: while going untargatable (zhonyas, fizz e, etc) does cancel morde ult, it refreshes it's cooldown, so unless you have someone around to take care of him this is not a viable way to counter his ult. edit 2: spelling
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