Is it okay for a support to intentionally steal kills?

In my last 2 games I played ADC. First one I had a support veigar and second one I had a support Cho' Gath. Now this is fine and all, imo my support can play any champ they want as long as they help out. Pre lvl 6 things were fine, but when they go their ults, they just last hit everything. I don't mean people who were getting away. I mean they would just full on ult someone we were about to kill for stacks. I'd understand more if the cho was going tanky, but he just went full ap and we lost the game. The veigar guy i'm not too sure about, I know he has stacks but he pretty much stole every single kill we got, the only time I got kills was when I was on lane myself. I ended up getting more kills and assists than both of them just because of how greedy they were. I don't mind a support accidently stealing kills, like a Q finishing them off or an auto attack, but when they have an execution ult like Cho or Veigar it's kind of annoying when they use it every single engage to purposely take the kill. So do you guys think supports should do this? I hear a lot of 'yea might as well since they could get away', but I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about making your adc the support and funneling yourself as a support with an exec ult.
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