Quality matches.

Hello, I started to play again after sometime without playing. And sadly I found that quality matches are nearly not existant, at minute 8 I can tell 95% (or so) sure who's going to win. This is one of the reasons I quitted long ago, the games are only worth the first 8-12 minutes, once the first minutes have been played, the rest of the game is expendable. Sure, at pro-level maybe it's not like that, but there is a reason why in a game without pro-players one team is ahead at minute 8, the reason is that one team has players that suck, and that's not going to change in the second half of the game. You play the first 10 minutes, and you can just close your computer knowing if you won or lost the game. Sure, there is a come back once every 10 games. No, that come back is not worth the other 9 matches being smashed. Not to talk about those last minutes, knowing that you have lost anyway, are a tilt generator machine, if someone doesnt want to surrender, making people toxic as F. Nothing to say about that specially, just wanted to share my thoughts. BR.
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