I cannot understand why Rito reworked Rengar,and will be adc mains that will say that they didnt have time to react and that the counterplay didn&#039;t existed,but if you walk alone in the jungle or without your support you will be destroyed by any assasin,as an example Kha&#039;Zix can kill a squishy easier than Rengar and there were more broken assasins and bruisers than Rengar was in the 6th season.I am just sad you know,I had so much fun with that champion and I didn&#039;t understand why Rito changed it,for me it was perfect and in my opinion to execute a combo with Rengar required skill because if you failed you were dead in early game, and he was op because he was fed by the botlane because it didn&#039;t ward or the carry believed that he was the danger. RIP RENGAR 2012-2016 :*( THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES PS:I cannot wait to be contradicted by Jinx and Miss Fortune mains or Rengar &quot;mains&quot;
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