Nerf or even remove that new champ Zoe

I have no idea how you add a champion to the game that has a lore to laugh about, where are the serious lores like Kayn's, Darius' and so on? Anyway, what I wanted to say is, this new champ {{champion:142}} is broken. It is stupid that this champ deals a ton of damage with just one spell and has the ability to put you to sleep, so that it's even easier to hit the q and delete you. You thought {{champion:238}} can one-shot ppl or {{champion:55}}? No, this is the real deal. Rework her or just remove her from the game, makes it frustrating for everyone to have to deal with that broken champion and Rito don't say that this champ is difficult to play, when me as {{champion:37}}, my friend as {{champion:21}} and our mid as {{champion:103}} got instadeleted off the map, with just the q. Even Veigar can one-shot but he needs to be close, this one doesn't have to be afraid of anything, she can put you to sleep from 500km away, she can one-shot burst you with her q. it's ridiculous.... Oh, and the champs we picked were in Ranked (Plat 5)
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