Unhappy with new runes :(( (title has been changed to suit chinese censorship)

This new rune system is simply bad... Very unfun and limited set of choices. It makes certain champs totally overpowered and other champs totally useless.... GJ Riot. "GJ." Old system (runes+masteries) had so much more variability. I am not even talking about IP conversion into Blue Essence... Only a handful of calculations is necessary to realize your game is in decline and you are obviously in need of money... which is sad. (I know you are probably developing another game based on League of Legends universe but LOL should not be affected because of that imho) You said that Blue Essence would be the only universal type of currency withing the game. Still, you have not abolished RP points... I was hoping I would be able to buy skins for blue essence. Well, that's not the case obviously. Why so greedy?
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