So the utility mastery tree is getting updated, how about changing "Runic Blessing"?

Maybe give it something like this? *Just an idea* Make it a % of BONUS health shield so it doesn't lose effectiveness and it should be everytime you go back to base. like 2%/3.5%/5% of bonus health shield. So if I get a Warmogs, and have three points into Runic Blessing everytime I recall I get a 40 health shield. Sure it's not impressive, but that's why its in the tank tree - for tanks it'd be better than that 50 health shield crap, and you _should_ get it everytime you recall. Where as if I get a Warmogs, Randuins, Righteous Glory my bonus health shield will be: 95 (still not impressive but it's not supposed to be ridiculously game changing) Or if you want better, maybe 1/2/3% of maximum health?

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