Riot's banning system is interesting.

Around 2 months ago I had the worst two allies in my team. They were the most toxic and crazy persons I've ever seen online. They kept flaming me, and only me, with the most horrible things. Just a few examples; " i wish your mom aborted you, i hope you are abused sexually by your uncle when you were a kid, its best if someone injects cancer in your brain and I would cum if you slowly died, you are a female and so you don't deserve to breathe leave some air for the men ' and much much much more like this. I have reported them. I even contacted support ticket. Every week for the past 2 months I checked their match history. They just. Kept. Playing. Almost. Everyday without a stop! I am so baffled. Really baffled. I have seen people being banned because they told their trolling allies 'u a f-cking d1ckhead' but this example that I gave you just keeps playing like there's no tomorrow. And yes I muted them after a while. But should people like this just keep playing without any real punishments? I don't think so.
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