I am done with this sh-t

Riot, what have I done to make you hate me? What have I done to get forced with the most sh-tty players in my elo? Not only did you dare to give me the worse players ever, you also dared to demote me from gold 5 to silver 1, a player who plays good every game and ends up with s rank to a all the time, a player who has high cs and a high kda all the time. Why do you hate me so much that you always give me the most sh-tty players I have ever seen? Every game I have to laugh at how bad people are and every game I get tilted because my teams are soooooo bad. Don't blame your teammates, always blame yourself? Don't make me laugh, go check my match history right now. I can't cary this sh-t, not because I am in the elo I belong in, but because I get pure sh-t every game, sometimes it is hard poo, sometimes diarrea. You say that if you play decent every game, you will eventually climb elo. Guess what, I played good for my elo yet I get demoted. Why you ask? Because you, Riot, you hate me. You hate me and that is why you force me to play with people who got elo boosted and belong in bronze 5. There is no fair match making, riot just installs sh-t so the good players get placed with the worse. That is how this game works. You say that if there is a bad player in your team, there is an equally high chance of having a bad player on their team, guess what, it is true, but when your bad player eventually feeds their bad player, to eventually come back in the game, then what? You hate me so much that you force me to play in an elo where nothing is possible when you get hated by riot. Yes, you can call me bad. Yes, you can say that it is easy to climb from gold. Idc, as I know that it isn't true. This is the elo hell created by riot to force people like me in an elo they don't belong in. I am sick of this and I demand fair match making
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