Dark Harvest - is this what we want league to become?

Hi there, everyone. First of all I'd like to clarify that this is not a complaint about how OP this masteries are in comparison with other things. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion on that matter. Is just that it feels a bit like it comes down to simply who strikes first, with any build. DarkHarvest (DH) Shaco, DH Wukong, DH evelyn, DH Ezreal, DH Nasus, DH tf, DH hecarim, DH Vi, DH Garen, DH Rengar, DH Ahri... it doesn't matter what champion you play, if you stack enough, it's going to be a OneShot. One of the things that keeps me interested and hooked to League, is that is a very strategy based game and a lot of skill is required in order to play in the higher elos. That means you can and have to build differently depending on the match up, you pick in fact, different champs for each match up, and with enough skill (sometimes luck) you can turn the tables for what it looks like a lost team fight with just some sick moves. In my opinion, DH removes all of this. You can play any champ with this, and it'll end up boiling down to who strikes first. Ofc champs with extreme mobility or stealth will excel at this. I've seen DH ezreal's one shot champs with a Q, DH Shacos or Wukongs just One shotting people coming out from stealth without any possibility of reacting. DH Vi with Ult + basic attack unstoppable, etc... doesn't matter what you play, again, it's all a basic attack. Might as well remove HP bars from everyone and make it so that one basic kills people :P In any case, this is my opinion, and I'd like to hear your opinion on it. Perhaps you can convince me that I'm looking at this from the wrong point of view, or you can explain to me why is it okay. Ideally I'd like to hear from Riot Games if this is what they intended and had in mind, but I don't have high hopes on hearing from them ;) Thanks for your time.

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