What champs do you think need to be buffed/nerfed?

Personally here are my opinions for champions in need of a buff {{champion:136}} (Allow Asol to manually detonate his Q after he casts it) {{champion:85}} (Higher AP scales) {{champion:42}} (Make his special delivery and ult more threatening, as of right now they do jack sh*t) {{champion:427}} (Generally this guy may need a rework, he is so useless this meta) {{champion:223}} (Revert his nerf, he was in a good spot before it) {{champion:35}} (Improve his E damage, it barely tickles its targets) {{champion:112}} (Give him higher AP scales, for a late game mage he falls off quickly) {{champion:78}} (Make her ult do something apart from making your enemies spam "weeeeeeeee" in chat)
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