How did Riot manage to take inspiration from auto chess and make it 10x more unbalanced.

In Dota Autochess teamcomps actually mattered something and items weren't completly overpowered to the point where you lose if the enemy has better item RNG than you. In Autochess each comp has a special way to be important in TFT it's literally only assassins and glacials that have a decent comp bonus (i won't count noble and imperial due to the comp bonus being legendary locked and almost impossible to get without insane luck). There are literally units like Vayne and Draven who can solo carry your whole comp by giving them 2 rageblades and a phantom dancer. There is literally no point in building some items because they are just so much more underpowered then some pretty bs items. I don't know how riot manages to fck up balance in an auto battler harder than they do in normal league of legends.
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