Can Riot please just come forward and confirm this

The matchmaking during promos, please. You have obviously done something with it, and my question is, %%%%ing why? I mean, I am constantly getting trolls who afk, first times in ranked, and just pure dog shit players who shouldn't even be close to anyones promo at all, ESPECIALLY not in that ELO. If you want me to rank up, as my high LP gains would indicate, just %%%%ing don't give me troll teammates in promos. Winning is impossible, or atleast I have to deal most damage (aka. almost double the 2nd highest damage dealer, SOMETIMES NOT ONLY IN THE TEAM, BUT FOR ALL PLAYERS IN THE GAME), put most vision, most assists, die 1 or 2 times in a 45 minute game, steal baron, engage, AND splitpush. All this, ON THE SUPPORT ROLE!!! We all know you have done something with the matchmaking in promos, we all experience it, please just come forward and admit and tell us why. If you have no other reason than that you are the most carcinogenic company on planet earth, please revert it. %%%%ing garbage!
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