About the new Akali art

Champion Update: Akali, the Rogue Assassin
When Akali walked away from the Kinkou Order, she defined her fighting style beyond Shen's teachings. No longer one to cut enemies down in a burst of up-close kama flourishes, Ionia's Rogue Assassin employs hit-and-run tactics: constantly shifting position as she strikes, steps back into stealth, then strikes again.
First of all, let me say that her abilities seem to be exciting. However, I noticed the splasharts in the end, and, well ... * I feel like her body figure is (extremely) inconsistent. The basic is an exaggerated wasp; the footbal art has larger hips and thights (although not to an annoying level, unlike the exaggerated wasp). * Nurse, silverfang and baker seem to be more consistent (maybe excluding the silverfang backside), and fit the context. (I would expect a young female ninja to have some figure, but not too much.) * Bloodmoon and lava girl(?) seem to have about the same cup, but larger behinds. * Can't really say anything about headhunter (as I don't know how thick the armor is) or stinger (hard to say in that posture with sand an all) Concluding, I think the basic is the only true problem, the rest are within the standard deviation (different art by different people in different postures will have different figures, after all). ------- Unrelated question: With the champ update, will Crimson Akali also be updated?
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