The state of tanks

Im glad the "Tank Meta" is gone, but after returning to my beloved tanks i feel like they are super weak, if not unplayable right now, all it takes is for a yasuo tryn or any other crit based character to buy IE and deal 30% of my health in true damage, this kinda nullifies the whole idea of a tank right? I havent just played a few tanks either, played Ornn, Cho gath, Full tank galio (this one doesnt really count but still) and nautilus all seem to feel just a squishy as an ADC. I like the availability of Bruisers, but im not very good at the meta picks, which i believe is things like Darius, Camille nor am i great at any bruiser really, i spent the past 2 years playing tanks, am i building the wrong items? cause i have 300 armor with my armor build which i use vs Heavy AD comps and as i said still get F***ed

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