Female champions are too sexualized.

Every time when I lock in a female champion I notice her breasts and her "body lines" or whatever. I dont mind that at all but some people it might disturb it. But that counts for male champ called Taric. Of course people call him gay because he has "pinky" color and too much muscles. As again I dont mind that at all. But I really dont like Ahri and Miss Fortune. Ahri deaths sounds are too sexual which make me disturbed and people around me when I play on speakers. No one wouldnt like someone getting bunch of orgasm's when dying. Miss Fortune has too much breast exposure. When I wanted to read her lore I thought she would be a real %%%% cuz of her splasharts. At this point I dont mind it at all so its Riot's game at the end. Btw my english isnt my bright side so dont freak out if you didnt understand single thing I wrote :P

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