Odyssey missions ruin gameplay. Introduce LFG please!

So, I've spent time on unlocking every augment slot to be ready for the highest difficulty. Im glad to be all fired up. Now I cannot use them, because whenever I try to play the game mode, Somebody wants to do the stupid 3-4 augments mission, and starts trolling if someone has level 10-11 at the start. What's the point of getting augments, if we're rewarded for not using them? This game needs a Looking For Group tool so all the achivement hunters can find each other, actually think through a strategy (instead of instalocking whatever and crying for 3 augments) LFG would improve the classic PvP game too, having a good game plan before champ select would do wonders. EDIT: Playing with friends sounds good, doesn't work. I don't have enough friends who play league, play the champions I need for my party on my skill level, have time just when Im up for a quick PvP /PvE game. I want a tool where I can list what I need for my party and within what elo, so people can click "join" and we start right away, if it doesnt work out, we go our seperate ways without hard feelings (there will probably be hard feelings)
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