Misha's trolling and inting journal.

Hello, l use this topic to vent and to place all my experiences with trolls/inters. People say 'the enemy has more trolls than you' this is definitely not true and I will show it here. So my journey starts today. Let's see how we did. I played 6 games today. Lost 5 of them. Let's take a look at the scores. I was all time support. These are my scores: 2/0/1 1/0/2 2/5/4 3/4/7 (win) 4/5/6 2/3/2 Now let's take a look at some scores of my allies. 1/6 toplane 0/12 adc who only bought the same mana item 2/9 jungle (went afk later) 1/12 toplane 2/12 jungle 0/8 adc 0/6 jungle So these are some of my allies scores. Wonderful right? Now let's see how the enemies did. The only excessive bad score that I found was this: 1/8 support Pretty different list huh? This isn't just a bad day. This is how it often goes. I don't know, maybe I attract trollers for some reason? Who knows.. but my journey continues.
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