The balance is out of the window,give up on expecting it

Vayne and Riven having the highest winrate with highest pickrate. "Takes skill" my ass,the average joe wins more than half of first 50 games they play with them. The most cancerous champions are getting buffed (Fiora,Renekton) Champions that do well on proplay being gutted (Tahm Kench,Rakan) Reworks being colossal balance nightmares (Irelia,Urgot,Aatrox,Galio) Jax still in the game. Twitch still killing in every lane he ganks with red The game is still about unloading your entire kit on the enemy champion and hoping they die in 1 second. Smurfs roaming rampant in Ranked. Runes are still messed up,all they do is just add more damage to your champion. Kayle still being nerfed from her early game even though it's clear that it's Klepto keeping her alive in lane. Champions being nerfed even though it's clear that specific runes are making them OP Downvote,call me a unskilled or get gud idgaf. I stated what I thought and I'm telling you to forget the game balance since Riot obviously lost their sanity.
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