My crazy idea

So.. I was thinking ,why not matchmake players according to their winrate and mix teams based on total average winrate so that the game will be more fair ? The way it is right now the ranks are god damn unclimbable to say the least and this is putting it lightly. Im tired of bad players draggin me down with them every time. No matter how much you try that 0/13 fiora will make your top go caput in 15 minutes while the support is crazy and picked an assassin all these things happening the same time the yasuo main at mid feeds them like a madman. And then there is me and my premade (if i have one) that we must find some magical way to outplay 5 fed out the roof people. For the shake of our sanity consider it. Matchmaking that makes teams with similar average winrate face each other will fix your broken system. I know because i'd be halfway to gold now but things started going ugly at the promotionals (like they always do) , you know when you are playing your 3 matches to go further above the ranks in hope of meeting better players and then your adc losses the first blood and everyone goes "gg %%%%%% ff 20"... Thanks again for this amazing system that took me to hell (Bronze 5 0 LP) and now im meeting mostly underage individuals whos moms bought them xp boosts and they cant be carried even by playing the current most meta jungler assassin. Especially that last game where me and the jungler were carrying like madmen whilst mid and top were giving them free kills for 50 minutes,that was the last push i needed to consider to stop playing and wasting my money in league since i cant seem to find anything to enjoy anymore. Thanks for not taking the toxic players and making them play with each other only too. I know you probably will ignore thinking about this and if it would actually work but anyways i had to post it. Im done. 1 (or 2) man cant carry 3/4 whining children. Best regards ,someone who is hella pissed
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