Riot games is removing Twisted Treeline instead of trying to fix it. Personally i have the most fun in that gamemode. Just by adjusting small things and updating the map they can make more players want to play it ...
Dear Fellow Summoners Riot Games have annonced that they will be removing Twisted Treeline from League of Legends at the end of the season. Personally its my favorite gamemode and i would be really sad to see it go. I understand that they feel that too little players are playing the gamemode and thats true. But i dont agree with them removing it. I would recommend fixing the gamemode instead of just removing it entirely... Therefore i will ask you to please Sign the petition. And if you never played Twisted Treeline i would really recommend trying it out. Since its more Fastpace, has a lot more fighting, skips the boring farming for the first 15 minutes and you genually have more impact since you are a third of the team. Yours Sincerely {{item:3104}}
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