I keep getting flamed for playing Yasuo

These days it's enough just to lock-on Yasuo in ranked solo/duo to get flamed. Why do people hate Yasuo players so much, even your own allies hate you when you pick him? True, I'm low elo (Iron 2 since I just started playing ranked a week ago) but that doesn't mean I don't know how to play Yasuo. Then my teammates start sabotaging me by not ganking when I'm in a really rough situation and they even say things like "you're playing Yasuo, you're now getting your punishment." Every. Single. Match. There are people flaming me for playing Yasuo recently. I don't remember a single match where everybody was friendly recently. It's enough for me to just die once to get flamed and rep called for the rest of the match, because I'm playing Yasuo. Even when I'm abandoned by teammates and I die a couple of times I still win my lane but I get flamed anyway at the end. And of course, they all report me at the end and flame a bit more at the end of the match (some even threatened to put a bullet inside of my head). Is there any way to stop this toxicity? I really tried. I tried to calm down my teammates by giving them compliments and being super-friendly but they keep the toxicity going regardless.
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