This whole quene mess is just beyond stupid!

All you had to do is make Solo/Duo Q, but honestly I would prefer solo so no premades at all, for reasons that even good duo on a voice chat can totally wreck the game. So yea make it SOLO only mode without premades. Next step is ENABLE ranked teams so people will be able to play in teams 3vs3 and 5vs5. All it should be like: Team ranked Solo ranked End of ranked modes. Then just normal DRAFT and Draft without bans instead of blind pick clown fiesta and screaming the lane you want to play. There is no need for Duo or 3, 4 premades in 5 vs 5 game. If you are 2 find one more and go play 3vs3 map if you are 4 find another one and go play 5vs5 map in team. This is for more team oriented gameplay, and that one mode that should for solo players only, the true test. Now its still crap, with duos that will troll and destroy games.
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