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Hey guys!I have been Wukong main for 2 months so far with 150k (Trying to reach 200k now).I have started to watch gameplays with Wukong on toplane and I noticed that I did many mistakes whenever I played against Darius,Garen,Tryndamere and Nasus.Another thing I noticed is that Wukong players are using Youmuu's Ghostblade which item I never build since I think only the duskblade is enough for me to burst the squishy champs.I am wondering about should I buy keep the Ravenous Hydra in my build or should I go full lethality build ike Youmuu's Ghostblade,Duskblade's Draktharr and Edge of Night?My most used build is Duskblade,Black Cleaver,Ravenous Hydra (those are my core items so far),Lord Dominik's regards (whenever I play against full tanks like Garen,Malphite and Darius) or Mortal Reminder (whenever I am against Dr.Mundo or Volibear),Guardian Angel(if I am like the carry of the team) and Dead man's plate (when my teams is in need of a tanky champ).So I keep wondering if I should make changes to my build or keep with this build,I could replace the Ravenous Hydra with Youmuu's Ghostblade or Edge of Night.If there are any Wukong players that could give me advice for my build against tanks like Nasus,Darius,Garen and Malphite(so far I am having trouble laning mostly against them) or any good players that could give me advice,too.So far I have reached from Gold V to Gold II by playing toplane mostly with Wukong,Nasus and Renekton(If Wukong is banned) and I really want to make my way to Gold I. I can accept any tips and advices for Wukong.Thank you in advance! :)
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