I feel like the game isn't that balance atm

BOT we see the same ADCs bot from 2 seasons because hypercarries can scales way too easily due to cheesy strategy (S7- doranshield + 2 pot, then relic shield,s8- for a period normality now again relic shield). Xayah, Vayne, Twitch, Tristana, these are the only adcs that I see these days, from time to time kog and Kalista, stop. Lulu and Nami are obnoxious to lane against, they everything they need to make an ADC survive, especially Lulu+hypercarries right now that scales so well Jungle League of assassins? Kha'zix is in a so strong position due to his ult passive making him perma invisible and not showed by pinks, and even if he gets spotted he has the duskblade's passive to tell him that, Evelynn, Kayn, Xin Zhao, rarely Warwick are the most common picks. Tank in jungle scales terribly due to the hypercarries botlane being in late game in 10 minutes now Mid I feel like mid is a good spot Zoe needs to be nerfed, HER DAMAGE, not stupid stuff like 0.2 seconds on her E, she can deal potentially 2.7k damage to a tank with 200 mr just building magic pen and nothing else, JUST WITH A Q. I remember to you, dear riot, that's the reason why you reworked Nidalee. Zed can instakill someone with a combo with just the slightest lethality, but I think is fair since his W has a high CD and he has to go melee Also Hotfixbrand his win rate skyrocketed after you doubled his passive damage from 48% to 54% lol Akali healing either top/mid is STUPID, she can tank a t3 tower against a tank and not lose HP thanks to her passive+gunblade+the rune that gives healing from abilities top Same as the mid, I feel like it is in a good spot Ornn is still frustrating to play against due to his low W cd and the permashield it gives but not impossible to lane again
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