A Way to Fix ALL Champions - MANA FOR ALL!

All the most complained about and overpowered champions in the meta can be easily fixed by one thing. Riot are obviously too stupid to do this and their "balance" team needs firing for not doing this sooner. Give EVERY champion MANA The most complained about champions both NOW and in the PAST like {{champion:92}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:107}} ALL have a common theme. NONE of them use mana which gives them FREE use of their abilities and allows them to spam early game for an easy victory and huge snowball potential. This has to stop, at the moment there is no reason to take {{champion:34}} {{champion:115}} or any other traditional mana-based champion because they are just greatly outclassed by these champs that don't use mana. Either that or take away mana as a resource in the game and LET ALL champs be resourceless because all you are doing is allowing one champ to be more powerful then another for no reason. {{champion:92}} doesn't have high cooldowns at all to counter this absurd "no mana" concept and I'm tired of seeing these picks because they have easily spammable kits that have no resource attached to them. It just makes League of Legends a joke as a competitive sport. Plus there are no legitimate reasons to NOT give a champion mana as a resource.
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