Potential Solution to Akali

The Akali Rework Isn't Working. Should Riot REVERT/REWORK Her AGAIN?
Akali's current state is extremely poor. She is unable to be played due to her ridiculously high ban-rate, and when she is picked, her kit provides a miserable experience for the enemy team. Please watch the video in full and let me know what you think in the comments!
I just watched Professor Akali's video on the Akali issue, and i've been thinking about a way of forcing respect on the Akali, without removing her unique mechanic: Lets say she remains untargetable by turrets, HOWEVER if she is damaged by an enemy champion and glimmers, the turret targets her (doesn't REVEAL her, but the turret is able to target her). - that way champions with continuous tick damage act as a counter. (not to mention ignite would force Akali to respect the enemy champion until it was on cooldown) This way she retains her unique ability to be unseen by turrets, but if she is to be struck by an enemy champion, it's no longer a matter of Akali camping you under your turret unpunished, and like i said, if you are either a tick damage champion, or a champion holding ignite, Akali has a reason to be respectful. Once this is in place, focus can be placed on her damage + healing, in my eyes, the only way to balance her in this state is to let her keep her true stealth, but give it limitations. at that point, adjusting her numbers won't make her awful, but should provide some level of counterplay around the shroud limitations.

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