Teleport has become dominant, picked on both top and mid. Possible ignite buffs?

**Hello there, ladies and gentlemen!** _I am very happy that you decided to sacrifice a bit of your incredibly valuable time on my topic! I am so excited! I am sorry if I will show any sign of ignorance, incompetence or lack of knowledge, do not hesitate to point out my mistakes, wrongdoings and offer a possible solution!_ Anyway, I wanted to talk about {{summoner:12}} . I feel like it is starting to become a mandatory spell, just like {{summoner:4}} ( which got nerfed so many times, {{summoner:4}} used to have 1000 range and very short, equal to 30 seconds cooldown ), even after all these nerfs... Channel time increased to 4 seconds from 3.5, no more cooldown reduction when teleporting to a turret, and Distortion enchantment... yet this spell keeps getting more and more popular. Well, I really like picking {{summoner:14}} , yet many people I encounter in League of Legends argue with me, saying how useless this spell is. {{summoner:14}} got nerfed as well, however completely indirectly, and I am talking about Grevious Wounds nerf. So uh, and this is why I think that {{summoner:14}} needs some buffs. I have thought about: 1. Increased duration and damage - currently, this spell deals 410 true damage over 5 seconds at level 18, what about making it deal 1000 true damage over 10 seconds? 2. Making this spell ignore shields? 3. Slight slow or damage reduction? 4. Making this spell reduce armor and magic resist, making target more vulnerable to non-true damage coming from the other sources? Also, what do you think about buffing {{summoner:1}} ? Honestly, I have never seen anyone using this spell, so... Thank you very much for your time once again! Please let me know what you think and I want to apologize if you find this thread stupid! <3 **NO TL;DR, PLEASE. READ IT OR DO NOT READ IT.**
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