Do I technically 'carry' these games?

I've been hardstuck Silver for a while, and when I took ranked seriously and changed my playstyle, I picked up Master Yi. I got to gold with an 80% winrate, and after that just before preseason started maintained around 60-70% winrate with him playing normal games. Now the way the end game score looks like, is.. I have one of the lowest damage dealt in the game. Usually around 10-20k while others go up to 40-50k. However, when you look at Damage Dealt To Objectives, my damage is like 50k, and everyone else's is like 1k. Here's all I do: I farm all game, I only go for the 80% ganks, I take every dragon and every rift herald I can, I solo baron at 20 minutes (with 5 ravenous hunter stacks you can) and I split push and take every turret that's available to me. And that's it. I almost never group with the team even though I think I should, and yeah, basically just objectives objectives objectives. It's been going pretty well for me, but now that Season 9 is starting, if let's say I want to push for plat, would that still work? Should I do something differently? I just don't feel that Yi is a very team-fight oriented champion. If anything I only cleanup kills and push. Thanks in advance!

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