Champion Balance the Forgotten Story of the Devs

Greetings summoners, Lately I was enjoying some normal games with my friends (well look at that games do make you more social!), you know the usual, playing for fun and enjoying the game. I picked a champion that I felt like would be a nice choice for the final game of the day, but then... Garen, how about that. It's not unexpected to see such a pick, lately Riot has been trying to push Garen to the competitive LCS scene, with a lot of buffs, which is in turn great for the people who enjoy playing that particular champion. I can understand you loving the simple play-style and the lack of technical abilities you need to play him but... Playing against a Garen {{champion:86}} sucked all the fun out of me. This is especially true for poor melee champions that really have no other way to protect against this monstrosity. I found myself in the position of getting out-punished but a huge margin, I did my punish on his many mistakes but yet again... what was it for? He can still regenerate! The ability to run through the minions, Q on you and then pressing simply E while you are still silenced having half your HP drained is beyond comprehension. My awful performance on the game aside, I was very frustrated, for the first time in my 8 years of League of Legends experience I was being pummeled not by my opponent (I have lost a fair amount of games against people who are much better than me, but the point still stands) but by the Patch Notes and simply the Champion kit. I would refer to myself as a technical player and seeing as someone put minimal effort in playing a nice technical player and win for the reason of outperforming the opponent, struck a nerve. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ On the other hand, we have Yuumi {{champion:350}}, well what can I say about this one... She is practically invincible, you can't touch her, you can't poke her. But let's put that aside, how about the logic behind her. I found myself wondering, how can see ignite someone while she is still inside one of her teammates, shouldn't see first dismount her teammate, then ignite and then if she wants, return back to teammate? Isn't it more appealing? That paired with the fact that people enjoy playing her as a full AP mage, is the strawberry on the top of the cake. I also found myself wondering, how can see actually regenerate HP and Mana while she is fully protected, how is that logical? I mean she can simply cast some abilities and just wait, Mana will come back, eventually... I feel like she should first dismount in order to get those regeneration benefits from the items and everything else. Sure you say you can't heal her, but how about HER heal. I do understand that Yuumi would practically nothing if she wasn't carried to victory, but watching Yummi one tricks going up to Challenger, says a lot about it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ah, let's not forget about another elephant in the room, when anyone is going to address Shaco {{champion:35}}, no matter what you do, you play him AP, you play him AD, he still does a ***ton of damage. His boxes are crazy, it's like they were made for an entirely different game (oh wait, they were) he can clear two camps at the same time as a jungler with just one ability. His invisibility paired with the critical that he dishes out from his passive are incredibly frustrating. His ultimate and fear he has are insane, the damage is not comparable with anything else. You might say, well how about Yi {{champion:11}} or Jax {{champion:24}} or other champions like that, well you can counter them if you play smart and have a proper pick, but Shaco nope... This is some of the frustration that I'm getting out, and after writing this entire post I have to say that, the community is fine, but the game is not FUN. It has been pushed way beyond making it enjoyable, and it has become a more competitive and harsh environment. Some of the choices from the Devs are very questionable, some champions drain all the fun and the thing has spiraled out of control. I find it very sad that one of the games I grew up with has come to this, getting out your most awful personality for the sake of bad development. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I don't know if any other summoners share my frustration on this or they want to give me some more information about dealing with something like that, I'm open to all suggestions. Yours truly, A summoner of the world.
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