Current state of jhin

Now everybody that has at least 20~ games on jhin will know that his most famous quote is "Win lane, lose game" now ... you cant even win your lane, like riot what have you done to jhin, 0 good runes for jhin, i checked surrender@20, no planned buffs for jhin, but im pretty sure even if you did buff jhin he would still suck, he CANNOT kill tanks, if the enemy has 1 tank, u are most likely gonna lose unless you have a fed top lane etc, hes W, E machine now and even those 2 abilites arent good enough to win games with him its just a disgrace how you leave champions like jhin in the gutter. When he had 30% pickrate out of the ADC he still had like 48~ %winrate, now hes got 6% pickrate ... jesus %%%%ing christ dude.
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