Like really, tell me the counterplay of katarina in soloq environment? Besides straight out banning her. Only way to demolish her is with....errm...noone? CC? pff, only lane, after that avoids it and kills rest of your team and then you since apparently it's very good idea to fight 3vs5 Kite? lol...with gazillion dashes, gl with that. To be honest, rework of her should be top priority, as the last one failed more miserably than ryze rework. Yhea, resets are her idendity, but atleast before you could %%%%ing react to her resets. q? maybe in lane but as soon as teamfiht starts you can not and WILL NOT see it all. While his lane counterplay might be somewhat sufficient....teamfight wise she is uncounterable beast. Atleast she is not that stupidly easy to play as yasuo(spam e anyone?)
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