3 games in a row and the same thing happened i got camped

okay so im nasus main but i wanna learn him cause i wanna learn to cs better since he relies on csing and i got 3 games in a row where i became the firstblood and i just lane cause i got camped..first game i was vs a pantheon so i start dshield and pray....and the jungler camps me... second game i was vs kled i could do vs him late but early i couldnt stack cause xin ganked me 3 times in 6 minutes annd the last game i was vs a master yi and i think thank god he is squishy but im a yi main so i remembered he shreds tanks and i pray to god and the freaking vayne jungle gankes me twice in 5 minutes so i get tilted and i botlane won so they all started roaming so i go top and farm and go bot and farm and i end up becoming a beast all 3 games but its no fun for me at all... it ruins the fun comepletely that the fist 20 minutes i lose 2 towers and go 2/7 and people say report nasus for feeding and stuff like that and i dont wanna play him if it keeps happening
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