I don't get how placements works.

Hi , so I just reached lv 30 today on my second account , I jumped in ranked game to do my first placements game and i really dont get how new placements works. So as I understood : -There is 8 games, not 10 anymore - You are automatically Iron 4 for your first placements -Your 8 placements games doesn't place you anywhere but you get a huge amount of lp if you win , and if you lose you dont lose any lp For now I made 3 games , I won the 3 games and i'm currently Iron 3 57 lp. The first game i won 60 lp, second game 51 lp , third game 46 lp , so we win ~50 lp if we win a game. If I win my 8 games , winning ~50 lp i will be placed in Silver 5 ? It's so annoying --' I was plat 3 on my real account in s8 , so if i want to get back to my real elo I have to go through all Silver and gold ? Even if you are challenger you will be placed Silver 5 max. ? I find this really stupid tbh, so I guess I didn't understand how placement works, could you explain it to me pls, or send a link who explains it nicely ( which i didnt find) https://imgur.com/hreLkSy https://imgur.com/56HVADm
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