Is this a good strategy if my ADC is bad?

Too all ADC mains saying i'm trash at support, yes it's true, but i also can't deal with a trashier adc who's also gonna trash talk the game and not pay attention to CS-ing at least. i just started out this strategy of mine (not sure if you guys do it as well) So, imagine this Scenario: You're the support, you have an Autofilled ADC who has no idea how to play the role. Misses most CS , Blames you for their mistake (low elo in my case) always flames you for missing your skillshots And i NEVER once flamed MY ADC Jinx for missing her R from up-close, jeez. So, since there is no hope for winning bot lane with that kind of ADC, i take matters into my own hand and say "F**k it" and begin to help other lanes to at least make the most out of myself and my teammates as much as i can. i did this almost most of my support games (when needed) and it won me more games than to wait for my JG to come (which rarely happens in this Elo, not complaining about it) or to stick with my already bad ADC. So, this did help me out a lot to win some games and it's currently my favorite strategy for Support. any thoughts about this? Thanks. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
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