When i said that the league MM system is wacko and makes you waste Your life to climb one division so you play more. And that its weird how every win streak is followed up by a massive lose streak , certain riot volunteer told me that you need: **Time**, Skill , Game knowledge in order to climb. And that if you have above 50 % win rate you will **eventually ** climb. My mmr is probably the worst in the game :) I had 60 % win rate for a while untill recently. Out of my placements i was gold 5. This is my average Tryhard climb day. So, im good enough to win 7 games in a row , but I'm bad enough to lose 8 immediately after that? Or maybe i just got lucky to get carried for 7 games and then very unlucky to not get carried for 8 games? Which one is it riot? I get +18 for a win. I get -20 for a lose. After a 7 game win streak i get: +20 for a win -18 for a lose Then comes a lose streak again. And I'm back at the beginning like i did nothing the entire day. And all the games a completely onesided. Either we completely stomp the enemy team, or my bot lane goes 0/12 and loose 3 towers by the 16-17th min. I feel like i have no impact on it. I can tp, give them 2 kills, yet they die again 8 times for the next 240 seconds, and i can't just chill there cause i have my own lane. And in other games my bot doe extremely well i then do not have to bail them out, so i destroy my lane opponent and we win ez. Split pushing is BS since we all know your team is not just gona def while u bait 3 ppl towards yourself, they are all gonna die eventually due to someone getting caught. Or maybe they will know what to do? BUT THAT'S EXACTLY IT ! ITS PURE F-ING LUCK on if they know or dont. It feels like there is absolutely NOTHING i can do. So... is there ANY way , and i mean ANY way. To get out of this %%%%%%ed moronic cycle or do i again have to make another account and hope for something good to happen in my placements so i can climb again with good mmr. I was gold 1 90 lp last season but i stopped playing for a while then. And even in the last season i had the same problem on my main, but then i made another account and got to gold 1 ez. So its definitely not a SKILL related. Tell me what ROLE / CHAMPION / anything .. to play or do so i can carry my ass out of this god forsaken elo. I just watched a guy play unranked to diamond. All 10 placement games were a win. He even said it himself "lol this was so lucky" in every single one , he had every lane win without him doing anything "special" to carry them. Well tough luck, i lost 2 of my 10 promos due to someone having a game crash and never coming back and another 3 due to someone deciding its a good idea to pick twitch jungle and gank a katarina who was ahead.
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